Model 11 + from Cloud And Company

Unusual design of new 11 + hours

Hours 11+ created just for those who are in the rapid pace of modern life does not want to feel dizzy from jet lag.
“We live in a time when contact with relatives on the other side of the world is elementary with a single click.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours we just wanted to reflect this globalization” – says the founder of the South Korean studio Cloud And Co. Kunhua Kim.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours 2

The cylindrical body of the chronometer was created not for beauty – its rotation set the exact time in the main, according to the developers, and cities. On the side surface 24 items; two cities, the difference between which is 12 hours, the pair are opposite each digit.

Unusual design of new 11 + hours 1

For example, London, together with the New Zealand Auckland, New York – Bangkok with Thai. To check the time, for example, in Paris, you need to turn back the clock so that the name of the French capital is pointing figures 12.

Accessory is available in the dim orange-red, gray and blue colors, and the cost of the Korean news set at the symbolic $ 49.

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