What equipment do I need to consider a watch?

watchesPlease have at least a watchmaker’s loupe or account-son, and a small knife and examine the coveted object from all angles. How to review a watch? After checking (if any) documents thereto (warranty certificate, certificate of timing official dealer invoice …), do not forget to ask about operations maintenance performed on the shows, when the last revision and that she was was made. Now you can proceed to the thorough examination of the watch.


  • Appearance? (excellent, good, fair)
  • All needles are they in place?, are they not bent or not they lack tritium?,
  • The bracelet is in good condition? (even if you replace a leather strap, it will tell you a lot about the maintenance of the watch)
  • The watch is clean?
  • Do you feel attracted and confident or not?
  • Operating state.

Try to flick the winding, up-to-date, reassembly is that everything works?

In the case of a self-winding watch, make sure that the rotor (arm) rotates correctly by giving some small strokes dry wrist. If you got everything ok you can make ahappydeal watch.

ahappydealSometimes a watch that has not been paid for several years is blocked, if this is the case, hit once or twice the box on the opposite side of the winding against a hard surface but will not damage the watch (wooden table, carpeted floor). Often this is enough to start the mechanism. Externally, the object of your dreams seems to fulfill all the criteria, it is time to move examination of its privacy, is now the plot thickens … If you feel confident and only in this case, you can go to the last step, which is to open the case (with consent).

Sure, very few sellers refuse you, if not demand a review of the show by a professional (at your expense). It is clear that we always talk about watches and simple without much sealing technical constraints. Open the box with the right tool (knife, opener shows.) You see immediately what the real state show is (dirt tracks rust pitted parts …). You can also instantly authenticate if the movement has markings that correspond to the brand. You will also note the status of various parts of the mechanism, spirals, wheels, etc. … or broken pieces very easily locate the microscope.

Without pretending to be a real apprentice watchmaker, the examination of the inside a box will tell you a lot about the true state of the watch. After all these operations, if the watch you like and always if the price suits you, go ahead and buy there, you may regret being passed next to a beautiful piece for trying to think too much … this is often the case (a beautiful proposed at a reasonable price shows never stay very long on the market!).

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