Unique model Inversion Principle of Fonderie 47

Unique model Inversion Principle of Fonderie 47

Description :

The watch brand Fonderie 47 announces the release of its unique new items Inversion Principle.

Design patterns Inversion Principle was designed by Adrian Glessingom. In the new merged several complications: a three-minute tourbillon, located in the center of the dial, “jumping” hour in the box at the top of the dial and the seconds display on the scale of the tourbillon. Display of seconds by using three seconds hands. In the lower part of the dial is a retrograde minute scale indication.

Unique model Inversion Principle of Fonderie 47

Funds from the sale will go to charity model – to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of Africa by the destruction of weapons. In the manufacture of black back plate of steel was used Kalashnikovs. The black plate is in harmony with the lid, which is decorated with a pattern in the form of sunlight. Next to the plate is the number of the machine from which it was carried out – 56-3701F42.

Collected novelty Inversion Principle of Fonderie 47 based on the caliber of F47-001 with a 6-day power reserve. Watch released a limited edition – 20 copies, 10 – in white gold, 10 – in the case of red gold.

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