Ready for combat – the Top 3 Military Watch Brands

combat_military_watchYou may be looking for a military watch because you need a timepiece that will withstand the tough combat you’re likely to face serving in the armed forces, or you could just want a reliable timepiece that not only looks good but is resilient enough to last a long time but it can be tricky knowing which brand to go for with so many choices out there.Well here are the Top 3 Military Watch brands for you to take a look at, all with something different to offer:

Traser H3

The oldest brand out of the three, Traser H3 were the first to create tritium gas technology which provides a continuous illumination source for up to 25 years, commonly used in the watch hands, hour markers and bezel and cemented themselves as the standard US Military issued watch since the 1970’s.The Traser Watches collection includes models designed for any combat situation including aviator and Special Forces versions with exclusive technical additions.The original Traser H3 P5900 Type 3 Watches series is still one of the bestselling and most work military watches in production.


Like Traser, Luminox makes use of tritium lighting but they were originally dedicated to making watches specifically for the Navy SEALS and were so successful they were approached by other units in the US Military to make specialised watches for them.  Luminox Watches are commonly entirely black with the luminous markers offering the only colour and most have polyurethane rubber straps as they are comfortable, waterproof and durable making them ideal for continual amphibious operations, but they also offer military watches suited to aviators, Special Forces and even a range of casual watches.


MTM Watches are some of the most impressive military watches available to buy and some of the most popular.Using the pinnacle of technologies MTM Military Watches are made using steel or titanium in their construction and hardened sapphire glass and usually have water resistance up to 300 metres. 

Each model is usually designed to cater for a particular aspect of the military, while primarily being made for Special Forces like the MTM Blackhawk and some are ideal for pilots while the MTM RAD Watch has been produced with radiation detectors. Most MTM Watches use multiple LED lighting systems from the premier light source to read the dials to a distress signal for help; they have modes and functions for any situation you need.

There are other military watch brands too, but these three certainly have the edge on precision timekeeping, durable quality and premium features.

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