Choose Suunto for the ultimate Sports Watch

Suunto_sports_WatchesIf you’re a fan of outdoor sports like trail running, cycling, climbing and more then chances are at some point you have wanted a sports watch that not only offers you the performance needed to match your abilities but has features that are integral to your training and your chosen sport.  One particular brand that has all this and more covered is Suunto.

Since 1936 when Suunto was founded by engineer Tuomas Vohlonen when he decided to make a better functioning dry compass with steady needle operation.   In the following decades Suunto Compasses were hugely successful resulting in the bestselling field and marine compasses before developing the first diving compass and later combined a diving computer with an electric diving compass.  All these innovations led to the current Suunto Watches which effortlessly combine every electronic device a sports person needs with a high precision watch.

Suunto Watches are truly something to behold with features that provide invaluable information at the briefest glance, with GPS locators, altimeters and compasses that give you accurate readings of you location anywhere in the world should you become lost.  Other incredible features like barometer functions effectively telling you any changes in the weather and a digital thermometer are standard on the bestselling Suunto Core Watch but are important pieces of information you need when performing any outdoor sports and certain devices like the Suunto Gear Watch and the Suunto M Series Watches enable you to measure your heart rate during your performance.

The leading innovations from Suunto have also resulted in the Suunto Lumi Watch which was the first ever outdoor device designed and made for women by women and the designs from Suunto are unquestionably brilliant as the prestigious design awards won by the Suunto Core and Ambit Watches proves.  So if you want the ultimate sports training and performance aiding computer combined with precision timekeeping wrapped in ergonomic style then a Suunto Sports Watch is certainly for you and they are on sale now at Extreme Watches.

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