Affordable stylish timepieces with Nixon Watches

Nixon_WatchesIf you’re looking for a remarkable fashion watch that has also been made with precision components, durable materials and at a reasonable price then there is only really one brand that fits the bill and that is Nixon.

Over the last 16 years since their humble beginnings in Encinitas, California, Nixon has been custom designing and manufacturing premium fashion watches, originally aimed at action sports enthusiasts like skaters, snowboard riders and surfers they have now branched into every aspect of fashion styles and trends.  Nixon has also enjoyed success in 25 countries around the world attributed to their incredible designs and their expansion into accessories like their bestselling Nixon headphones.

You can see why Nixon Watches are so successful when you look at their extensive collections, in particular the bestselling Nixon Vega Womens Watches have a fashionable style that will suit any occasion by merging the timepiece with a watch band making it look like a piece of jewellery and with water resistance, toughened mineral glass and available in enough different colours to please everyone.  Other models include the classic merged with contemporary designs of the Nixon Private and Canon Watches and the Nixon Rocker Watch which has been styled specifically for musicians and music fans so no matter what your personal tastes and styles, odds are you’ll find a Nixon watch that’s right for you.

Each Nixon Watch is made with the highest quality materials so you can rely on their durability to last you a long time and as they have been made with Swiss precision movement you won’t lose a second.  On average you can expect up to 30 metres water resistance as well so while you can’t go swimming while wearing them, any unexpected downpour won’t ruin the mechanisms, but whichever Nixon timepiece you choose you are guaranteed to have the most stylish watch you will ever own and you can get them now from Blackleaf.

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