Watch Hip Hop Jeans

After several disguises, to be honest, well managed, Watches Hip Hop presents itself in a new look, more youthful and casual than usual, using denim as covering the case and strap.

A material that has more than two centuries old, originally worn by workers and precisely by researchers of gold in the United States, and became a leader of fashion to wear in combination with noble and precious garments.

Valued for its strength and its incredible versatility, will now where no one had ever imagined: the strap of a watch.

Watch Hip Hop Jeans

True that it is a very special watch which has undergone a successful unthinkable due to its shape and its characteristics, but the use of denim is something unique.

The watches Hip Hop Jeans are available in three colors, light blue jeans, blue jeans and black to suit all tastes, a triptych in the name of convenience, just like the famous fabric.

Available in 32 mm and larger for men. The female version adds an element of elegance formed by spheres hours and minutes that show a golden color.

We can not wait to see it live after the recent images that depict the catalogs anticipating its release.

Wearing it will be a real thrill, especially for those who love the jeans completely, by not being able to do without.

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