Fossil on the rise.Brand Fossil – one of the most dynamic and fastest growing in the world.

Fossil on the rise

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Brand Fossil – one of the most dynamic and fastest growing in the world. In 2005, Fossil sales in Europe grew by 30%. The report for the third quarter of the annual reports have appeared that the company’s turnover crossed the $ 1 billion mark. And the Russian market position of the brand has been steadily strengthened.

From 12 to 16 September, located near Dallas in Richardson, where the headquarters of the Group Fossil, an international seminar was held under the motto Elevate! (That is, “Lift”). In this case, there was a mean increase in sales around the world, all of which must work and distributors across each brand group. Had already been announced record billion turnover, which the company reached in November. And the growth in sales comes from the core of the brand group – Fossil.

Russia – one of the new markets for Fossil, with which the company has high hopes for the rapid growth. Recall that in our market two years ago were put three brands of American concern Fossil, Diesel and DKNY, a distributor which is the company “Orient-Time”.

For two years, it became clear that Russia applies the same principles as for other world markets: of all brands namely Fossil shows the best growth rates as popularity and sales. Perhaps of all the original youth brands, representing a custom design with digital technology, Fossil most successfully “taken root” in Russia.

Thus, the “contribution” of Russia in this year’s slogan Elevate!

Expressed in the following accomplishments: Compared with 2004, sales grew by 50%. Of course, the most popular Fossil continues to enjoy in the capitals. For example, only in Moscow today brand is represented in 25 stores, including those located in the popular shopping center MEGA – Khimki, MEGA – Teply Stan, GUM, Atrium, 5th Avenue, the shopping center “Warsaw.”

But if during the first two years of growth in sales of the brand was provided mainly through its promotion of the capital buyers in 2005, according to representatives of the “Orient-Time”, Fossil “tasted” in the regions. Anyway, have a lot of regional dealers have expressed interest in the products of the brand, and this year was marked by strong sales growth outside the capital.

Fossil already represented in Lipetsk, Samara, Smolensk, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Perm, Voronezh, Kolomna Rostov-on-Don and the Kirov. Fossil development strategy in Russia for the next year will be even more active penetration of the brand in the region, an active advertising campaign and opening more outlets selling brand.

Certainly, Fossil – mark is not unique, and we can not say that it was created for the Russian, and especially the regional market. As you know, design ideas, which are a huge success in the West, are not always met with understanding from the Russian consumers. But no chance Fossil is truly universal brand.

Fossil initial success in Russia was due to the fact that, along with avant-garde animated models, such as Big Tic, Mark has a pretty strong line of classic men’s and women’s models, which in terms of price and quality is quite happy with the Russian consumer. However slowly and models from collections of Big Tic find their buyers – mostly are young progressive people who travel a lot, follow the fashion and know about the latest trends in the West.

That young audience is fundamental to Fossil, and to get her, the company is offering new models and bright ideas.

As Fossil is a major international concern, for each market developed a special strategy and model range. Say, a line model and Big Tic JR8340 JR8621, which are popular in Russia, are somewhat different from those sold in Europe and the U.S.. That quick adaptation to the requirements of the model range of the regional market and allows Fossil succeed in many countries.

Already having become acquainted with the specifics of Russian demand, on the eve of the New Year marks the designers have developed two new collections that are sure to attract the attention of young people.

The first collection will be available in the New Year’s holidays – a bright female model on a steel bracelet with a variety of fun pendants. The collection includes a sunny summer motif in the model ES1144 with pendants in the form of colorful “flip flops”, there is a more classical models ES1133 and ES1145, there is a very “New” models ES1140, ES1146, whose design is reminiscent of Christmas tree decorations.

These watches look like jewelry and will be a brilliant addition to the New Year’s costume or just the right accessories for the fashion party.

And it will be the latest news from the collection of Valentines Styles, specially prepared Valentine’s Day. Exchange symbolic gifts on this day has become a tradition among Russian youth, and certainly attract the attention of young original watch a heart (model ES9998), packed in a special gift of bright red box of the same shape.

Undoubtedly, these eye-catching gift model can enhance the demand for other collections of the brand. And to reinvigorate interest in the flagship collection of Big Tic, Fossil invented original marketing move – now advertise these hours on the shop will … robots designed in the style of Big Tic and also equipped with digital animation technology.

Shiny futuristic androids with a huge digital display in the chest, as if descended from the screen of the recent film “I – Robot” with Will Smith, have generated enormous interest in the company’s stand at the Basel fair. Almost every passing by stopped and stared at the beginning of robots, and then displays the clock, they represented. There is no doubt that such a response will be characterized and Russian buyers, who can not pass by such an amazing “toys.”

The development of the brand in Russia continues to be a priority for the company, and every year in our market are appearing more attractive and selling models, relevant consumer needs. Especially because the market has also been steadily changing and the demand for designer watches is increasing. Given the universal clock Fossil, the ability to combine in a balanced range of digital avant-garde with democratic classics and the most advanced technology performance, there is no doubt that the success of the brand in the world is soon to be repeated in our country.

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