Festina Watches.The Festina Group is one of the best reality in the world watch market.

Festina Watches

The Festina Group is one of the best reality in the world watch market.
Created in 1984 by entrepreneur Spanish Miguel Rodrigez, has achieved excellent results over three decades, making it one of the groups that have been growing faster than the competition in the segment of medium position.

The debut took place in Spain where the market has been particularly receptive, thanks to a careful communications strategy combined with an excellent quality of its products.

The brand Festina Watches was already known in the field and was in need of a make-up that riproponesse in the watch market, occupying the middle sector positioning.

He knew how to place around the main reality other brand Candino Lotus and Jaguar to arrive at Calypso, a solid team and winning in a position to achieve the objectives set, a balanced set designed to meet the diverse needs of the public.

Recently, it has been described and defined the acquisition of L.Leroy Perrelet, belonging to high class watchmaking, along with manufacturing of motion and functional components to the full integration of processes.

The Group Festina Watches has eight subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, occupying strategic positions within Milliman their respective markets.

In Italy the management is entrusted to Ignazio De Lucia, Sales Manager who is responsible for driving the Group’s brands in a difficult market and selective as ours.

Research commissioned by Eurisko showed a positive judgment on the part of respondents stressed the quality higher than the average, combined with discreet and elegant aesthetics.

The weak link in the chain is attributed to the distribution poorly organized that prevented the group Festina Watches its full deployment and success.

Because of this initiative was launched in 2012 an extensive and complex that it will be completed this year and that is to map the distiribuzione, carried out in collaboration with an institute specialized: Doxa Metrics.

Intervention needed to operate in the best conditions and allow Festina Dealers in the area to work with quality and professionalism.

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