Swatch Group turnover 2012: 1 billion more than in 2011.Swatch Group reported in 2012 gross sales of CHF 8.143 billion


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Swatch Group reported in 2012 gross sales of CHF 8.143 billion, surpassing last year so a billion or +14.0%.

Strong brands of the Group have proven their success in 2012 in all regions and all price segments, particularly outside of Greater China, earning further significant market shares. It is thus an increase in gross sales of +15.6% to CHF 7.297 billion in the Watches & Jewelry segment.

Production segment, the skills have been adapted further and increase the performance of new and improved. This has led to an increase in gross sales of +10.1% to CHF 2 218 million. Bottlenecks of 2012 in this segment have been reduced further.

The Electronic Systems segment continues to be exposed to strong price pressures and a situation of unfavorable exchange rates.

Consequently, the gross turnover and reduced by -7.4% to CHF 311 million the previous year.

The management of the Group expects for 2012 a good operating margin and a good net profit.

The marks showed a positive beginning of the year and also for 2013 is expected healthy growth.

Key figures of the Group will be published by February 21, 2013. The publication of the annual report and expected February 28, 2013 during a conference for media and analysts.

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