Lithe Clock wall clock with long arrows

Lithe Clock wall clock with long arrows

Description :

Today watch market is not only a rich assortment of watches, and clocks. It is a new and unusual hours Lithe Clock, developed by designers from the Israeli studio StudioVe.

The unusual clocks Lithe Clock is to design arrows that its subtlety and long mustache to look like a huge bug. Shivering from each needle movement of steel and a blank face that has no hour marks or numbers, made of ceramic handicrafts.

Lithe Clock wall clock with long arrows

Despite the long arrows, antennae, clocks Lithe Clock perform their basic function – to indicate the time. But will it be easy to tell the time with this watch. After all, for such long arrows need enough space in the apartment.

Many may not like the design of the shooter, and they are not that comfortable, but it is worth mentioning that in the frog lies originality hours. This they attract attention.

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