Jill Haynert won award by Scuba Diving and company Oris Sea Hero-2012


Description :

Oris watch company for many years involved in the rescue and protection of the marine environment. The contribution of the brand is in the release of numerous limited series, including new items such as the Great Barrier Reef, Save the Maldives and a series of Tubbataha.

This year, five have been awarded the title “Hero of the Sea”(Sea Hero) for its contribution to the protection of the marine environment.

The award “Hero of the sea” is awarded to an active conservationist, who do everything possible to save the world’s oceans.

This year’s winner of the award was Haynert Jill (Jill Heinerth), selected from the five “Heroes of the sea.” She received the prize from Oris in the amount of 5 thousand dollars. Jill – the author of popular movies. In her film, “We – the water” (We Are Water) describes the possibilities and ways to save water in daily life.

Sea Hero finalists this year are: Patricia Ramirez (Patricia Ramirez), the founder of the club Splash Kids Club, Julie Anderson (Julie Andersen), initiator of the movement Shark Angels, Brian Skerry (Brian Skerry), author of the New England Ocean Odyssey, Casey Sokolovic (Casey Sokolovic) (high school student!), a participant of the program save sea turtles Love a Sea Turtle.

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