Wooden watches from WeWood. The young Italian watch brand WeWood uses in marketing their wooden clocks on ecological awareness

Wooden watches

Description :

The young Italian watch brand WeWood uses in marketing their wooden clocks on ecological awareness and cooperating with the oldest non-profit conservation organization in the world: American Forests.

The Italian label WeWood 2010 was developed by the designer Alessandro Rossano, the inventor of the Dude’s shoes. The watches are made out of scrap wood furniture and flooring manufacturing and stand next to their preservation of the environment by an unusual design.

Equipped with a Miyota movement of Citizen the clock comes from its low weight and hypo-allergenic and non-polluting characteristics. The eight different wood species of maple (beige) and guaiac wood (green) on Rosewood (chocolate) and hackberry (brown) to Ebony (black) also determine the color of the models.

Once the label has established itself in the U.S., WeWood will now conquer the German market. The idea of the wooden clock is, it is almost as old as the history of the chronometer itself Englishman John Harrison, who had never attended school as a child in 1714 and revolutionized the world of mechanical movements with homemade wooden clocks.

In a bid to solve the “length problem”, he invented for the grasshopper escapement, also a special lift mechanism and a technique to compensate for temperature fluctuations. His materials for movement and case was consistent with its origin as a carpenter’s son: wood. The principle developed by him drive motor (remontoir) is still used in mechanical chronometers.

The cooperation between watchmakers and conservation organization, however, is new. In times of discussions on sustainability and ecological awareness Wewood uses trendsetters who want to feel good with what they wear. And who when buying a clock offers planting a seedling could to succeed.

With outings one should be careful. WeWood watches are not waterproof!

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