New Guardian safe for hours of Dottling

New Guardian safe for hours of Dottling

Description :

German company Dottling was founded in Germany in Sindelfingen. In this city-grandfather Marcus Dettlinga, Eristov Dettling opened metalwork shop Dottling.

Today Dottling – one of the famous companies, which is specialized in the production of generic and unusual safes.

Today the brand is the original compact safe for travel. The length of the safe is 35 mm in diameter – 13.5 mm, weight – about 4 kg.

Its shape resembles the new Guardian tube. New safe with surface finish of leather makes it possible to transport 6:00, jewelry and other valuables.

The inner part is made of a durable aramid fiber, which is used for the production of body armor. Upper and lower layers are made of polycarbonate. To unlock the safe, made of steel, the owner must collect the three-digit code. Safe provided with GPS-tracking device that allows you to get information on the spot position is very easy and fast.

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