The Laboratory of Enrico’s heart beats with Omega Patek.This title may seem tight

Omega Patek

Description :

This title may seem tight, but in fact summarizes the interaction of two of the brand at this time are characterizing the luxury watch market.

In fact, the raid on the market the revolutionary innovations introduced by Omega , have managed to scratch even the impenetrability of solid and traditional Patek Philippe, recognized as the absolute most prestigious brand in the world and certainly very attentive to all the technical and technological improvements.

We must also give credit to the Patek intellectual honesty that sets it apart and makes her discover the best for their customers.

After this long preamble, we descend into the explanation of a particular title so original.

The famous spiral free silicon that Omega has developed and patented to equip its precious handmade movements, is clearly, at least in this moment in history, unique, and is the best there is in the technical field.

Patek, well aware of this fact, decided to take advantage of this spiral to complete the picture that sees its timepieces always at the top of the category.

Thanks to the great friendship between the families Hayek (Swatch Group) and Stern (Patek Philippe), this operation went through, both parties are happy, one (Stern) happy to be able to continue to claim that Patek is the maximum for Watches, Clocks, and the other (Hayek) happy that a part of the Patek Philippe Omega is used so that they can continue to lead the rankings of merit.

This is a particularly happy that the brand Biel is going through.

Demand for its watches goes beyond all expectations and exceeded all expectations.

Emerging markets seem hungry for Omega, and this causes difficulties for specific European and American fans, who see their assignments more and more limited.

A fact emblematic is constituted by a recent auction Antiquorum in Geneva. It ‘well known that in ads of Auctions important parameters of evaluation are indicated minimum and maximum of the market.

Well Omega were awarded mostly all at prices that exceeded the highest estimate of prediction.

In the particular case of a “Moon-Watch” in 1965, the price has reached 250% of the maximum price restraint, which surely drag upward all the watches in this collection.

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