New watches Second of Happiness: Scout on the wrist

Description :

Designer Eymp Matilda (Mathilde Ampe) introduced a new concept watch Second of Happiness, or SoH, which means “second of happiness.”

New to its unusual exterior design proves once again that the watch – it’s not just a good thing, a stylish accessory, denouncing the taste and status of its owner.

New watches

Designer Matilda Eymp thoughts reverse the development of new, original thing: it has allocated separate small dials for the clock and minute hands and themselves replaced the roundels-pupils.

Thus, the standard clock was turned into a funny smiley face. The expression “face” is constantly changing depending on the time from a joyful, mischievous to the bored, scared or stupid, tired, with protruding on either side of the eyes.

It should be noted also that the user has the option to buy a set of replacement plates and independently change the main dial. Clocks are supplied with detailed instructions.

One can only hope that the designer with a great sense of humor will be able to realize his wonderful concept to life.

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