New from Mr.Jones – Sun and Moon Clock

New from Mr.Jones - Sun and Moon Clock

Description :

English watchmaker Mr.Jones, known for its unusual design solutions, again pleased ingenuity, introducing new watch Sun and Moon with an unusual time display.

The novelty is not the dial in its traditional concept: it is simply replaced by the arc with pictures symbolizing time. A similar indication was used in medieval England in pocket watch, showing time through images, moving on the dial. Who monitored the pictures, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised how quickly the “flow” time, just leaked through my fingers.

New from Mr.Jones - Sun and Moon Clock

Early in the morning, at exactly 6:00, the sun “rises” in the left corner, and after 12 hours it is giving way to the moon in the right corner. Half of the sun light, like a blue sky, the moon and the half light, studded with small stars. The rest of the arch with scenes of nature. Minute counts thin needle, which makes one revolution in 60 minutes.

Hours Sun and Moon are in a round stainless steel case. Water resistant news reaches up to 50 meters. Watches run on the basis of quartz movement Ronda 515-24H, on one stone.

Sun and Moon Clock released in a limited quantity of 100 copies, with an individual number. The model comes complete with a gift box, decorated with works by artist Fanny Shorter, and a certificate.

Buy watches Sun and Moon can be in December this year for 175 euros.

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