Conceptual clock Marvin.Eighteen months ago, the Sport & Style (L’Equipe) asked the company to come up with Marvin watch design

Conceptual clock Marvin

Description :

Eighteen months ago, the Sport & Style (L’Equipe) asked the company to come up with Marvin watch design, intended for those who love to ride in motor boats.

In the discussion of the project expressed a variety of ideas.

The watch case should be durable and waterproof, as bathyscaphe, and at the same time as clear as an aquarium.

Conceptual clock Marvin

And if housing transparent, the crown did not attach in the familiar position of “3:00”. Hence, it should be moved to the position of “12 hours“!

Special attention was paid to the dial – it’s “face” of hours! After many discussions, the best idea was unexpected. Role model it was decided to take the design of the old telegraph transmitter. (This device was used by the British courts to send orders the captain to the engine room).

It was decided to set the figures in the same style – letters, and for them to share the dial to 12 sections. But it only took two arrows: the usual minute and unusual hours. Unusual – because it is fixed at the position of the railway, “9:00.” Through the window in the direction see one of the sectors of the rotating dial – it’s the shows that hour!

Hours thought not as expensive and sophisticated equipment for divers, as well as a welcome and affordable place for lovers of nautical theme.

The final phase of the development of the concept is expected in 2013-2014.

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