Watch with nano-sculptures Art Pieces from the company Greubel Forsey


Description :

Swiss watch company Greubel Forsey with mikroskulptorom Willard Wigan announced a new line of watches Art Pieces, which are decorated with models of nano-sculptures.

In watchmaker craft and writing artist paintings have much in common: both masters – the artist, the watchmaker – should give their full attention to the smallest detail and manufacturing components. And as a result of hard work come to light masterpieces.

That would be such a new watch Art Pieces, on the dials of which will be placed artwork Willard Wigan. All the work of this contemporary artist can be seen only through a microscope. Because of this novelty is set on the rim of small lenses that you can monitor the creation of the sculptor.

The company Greubel Forsey plans to release only one or two models a year. Each new product will have its own individual number.

Do not forget also about the price masterpiece watches: buy a watch Art Pieces will be on the manufacturer’s suggested price of $ 5.4 million.

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