Tissot – Official Timekeeper of the 17 th Asian Games in 2014

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The watch company Tissot recently announced that it has become the official timekeeper of the 17th Asian Games to be held from September 19 to November 4, 2014 in the Korean city of Incheon.

Asian Games are going to 13 thousand athletes from 45 countries who compete with each other in traditional Asian sports.


President of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Games in Incheon (IAGOC) is Kim Jong-Soo (Kim Young-Soo), said: “To ensure the most accurate timekeeping competition in such a variety of sports is hard to imagine a more suitable partner than the brand Tissot, with its rich heritage and experience of sporting events.

Tissot company with an individual approach to each task, which is especially important in the context of the Asian Games, with their wide range of sporting disciplines. We are proud to announce the cooperation with the pilot in the sports timing company to use in their work the most modern equipment and the latest technology. ”

President of Tissot, Francois Thiebaud (Francois Thiebaud) said: “The Asian Games, due to its incredible diversity and dynamism, in tune with the spirit of Tissot. We are proud of the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in all its facets in such a big event. Participation in the Asian Games will allow us to prove himself to the full, to show the timing of the highest class, and thus demonstrate the excellent quality of our watches.

This is not our first experience with the Asian Games, so we are familiar with all the conditions and requirements for the event. In this case, with each new competition we aim to raise the level of precision and innovation, which will certainly play a key role in the success of the Games. We see ourselves as “innovators by tradition” and strictly follow this principle.”

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