Type 23 Flyback Chronograph from Dodane. Watch brand Dodane, founded by Alfonso Dodanim and Francois-Xavier Jobert


Watch brand Dodane, founded by Alfonso Dodanim and Francois-Xavier Jobert, is new to Type 23. After the release of the model Type 21, which was created specifically for the air forces of France, the company has focused more on the issue of civil-Type Model 23. It is available in two versions: with fly-back chronograph, or with a simple chronograph.

New Type 23 is especially designed for those who appreciate the reliability and accuracy. Round body model diameter 42.5 mm and 13.9 mm thick stainless steel. The black dial features Arabic numerals coated with fluorescent material. Missing only the numbers 3 and 9, instead of the chronograph counters are located. Indication of hours, minutes and seconds by using three central arrows, of which the hour and minute hands are covered with luminescent coating.


With dial design harmoniously tachometer and a rotating bezel with Arabic numerals. Closes dial sapphire crystal.

In “3:00” is a crown decorated with an eagle – a symbol of the French city of Besancon, the 16th century, the home of the family Dodane.

Crown surrounded on two sides by two mirror-polished chronograph pushers.

Model Type 23 is powered by an automatic fly-back chronograph, which is released Swiss textiles Dubois Depraz. To clear picture of the quality of the mechanism, we note that this family supplied components for the production mechanism of such famous brands as Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Richard Mille, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, etc.

New from Dodane works very accurately. This is supported by the National Astronomical Observatory of time measurement, the test results which Dodane watches were the first in the list of the other 67 hours, which were classified in the first category of timekeeping.

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