Stylish fashion-season opening of the company NIKA. Autumn-winter 2012/13 promises to pass brilliantly, because we expect a lot of gold.

company NIKA


Autumn-winter 2012/13 promises to pass brilliantly, because we expect a lot of gold. The company NIKA presents you their precious new items, among which there are both original fashion-model and elegant classic.

Smooth and calm lines, recognizable silhouette and simplicity of details … Gold men’s watch from the company NIKA Apriori – it is the very classic, the canvas that you can paint with all the colors of fantasy.

They tested the “foundation” – a reliable Swiss movement, recognizable rectangular shape and elegant design, not burdened by intrusive decor.

A new sound clock gain by slightly changing the texture of the dial.

NIKA designers sought to improve not only the appearance of models Apriori, but their ergonomics, so be on hand watches became even more enjoyable.

A wider product range has proven a favorite of residents and a large collection of Megapolis. Clock, equipped with Swiss mechanism, designed for business people, reacting instantly to any change, and accustomed to a dynamic lifestyle. Colored watches and straps in harmony with the business wardrobe, which play an important role details. Additional round dial, count the seconds, focuses on rapid time giving value every moment.

company NIKA
Miniaturization case in watchmaking – is the actual trend. Models SlimLine, by considering the trends of fashion jewelry and watch, just a year become even smaller in diameter (27.4 instead of 34.4), which easily accommodates a reliable Swiss movement. While locked in an elegant, bright sunlight shining golden circle of the body, and life is filled with life-giving warmth, joy and inspires faith in the best. Watches made of gold and encrusted with 585 cubic zirconia – their sophisticated European design will appreciate as lovers of classical music, and fans of smart casual.

Silver Watch Meridian, equipped with two dials, bring order to the active routine. Their Swiss movement Ronda provides high precision and sleek and elegant design perfectly meets both the requirements of the dress code set out in the business world, and wardrobe style casual.

This model is designed for sociable, energetic individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle and keep in touch with people from different parts of the world. During the day, they tend to have time to do all the planned and even more, and watch Meridian help them do this.

The trend of a la russe again in the trend, and the company has responded to NIKA lively fashion trends, producing designer collection of gold watches Moscovia. Against the background of the celebration in Russia 1150 years of statehood, this timepiece is especially important: the elements of Slavic Literature, silhouettes of bells to guess on the dial, glitter and luxury Russian pattern, inheriting the traditions of Byzantium – all magically embodied in the current ultra-slim gold 585. Do not be indifferent to the original design decision: instead of the usual Arabic numerals on the dial shows the Cyrillic.

All new items will be on display JUNWEX Moscow – 2012, which will be held from 15 to 19 September in the VVC.

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