New watches Garmin fenix in Garmin navigation system with.Garmin Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing high-precision and high-quality GPS



Garmin Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing high-precision and high-quality GPS, but meet the wishes of fans to travel, this fall 2012 brand introduced a unique model in its capabilities – watch Garmin fenix, modified navigation system.

Design new items at first glance somewhat rustic: the model is equipped with LCD screen featureless black and white. But as they say, “on the clothes meet, a good mind.” Thickness of the screen with a resolution of 70×70 px is only 1.2-inches. Backlight of the screen allows you to monitor the readings, even in complete darkness.

The company has equipped its “child” a variety of features that will help to travel on a given path with comfort, be up front. New gadget “equipped” barometer, digital compass, temperature sensor, altimeter module and GPS.

New product is capable of displaying the location on the terrain map of your route, and adjust certain area, marking it as a POI, point of interest. Another very useful function, which is equipped with a new product, called TracBack. Function can memorize all studied the route and take the traveler back to the starting point.

As befits a high-tech gadgets, new clock can be synchronized with the available mobile devices through a wireless connection and receive or send information.

Garmin fenix model presented in a rubberized housing with impact-resistant glass top and increased protection against water and dust. Water resistant up to 50 hours meters, than the built-in battery for her 50 hours of continuous operation with the included GPS.

Buy watches Garmin fenix will be possible in the fall in all time boutiques recommended by manufacturer price – $ 400.

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