Citizen comes close to the iPhone.Usually say: “Why watch if I have a phone?



Usually say: “Why watch if I have a phone?” Citizen believes otherwise: “Why look for your phone if you can look at your watch?”.

The very idea of pairing a mobile phone and wrist watch is not new.

However, these watches are your most urgent attention.

Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity with Bluetooth fix each missed call, reported receiving important mail, etc. And all this will tell you not heartless electronic display and the second hand, which stops near the right words at the outer ring of the dial: CALL, MAIL, etc.

Watches Citizen Proximity distance resemble trendy sports chronograph.

Actually, Citizen Proximity and differs from its predecessors in its wearable look. That is, you can actually use them as a technological device, and as a fashion accessory for everyday wear, and even classical. Choose between benefits and style are no longer needed.

The only condition: the clocks are synchronized only with the model iPhone 4S (and up) versions via Bluetooth 4.0, at a distance of 10 meters. By the way, can be found on the face of a small icon bluetooth-connection.

Hours are on a perforated leather strap, 44-45mm steel case with IP-coated or uncoated, with green or blue markings and details. Inside – Japanese quartz movement W760 Eco-Drive. Other Functions: date, day of the week indicator AM / PM, 60-minute chronograph, and the search feature phone (with hours on the iPhone you can send a beep). Waterproof – 100 m starting price fall sales – $ 550.

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