Awards of Maurice Lacroix. In September 2012, the famous watch brand Maurice Lacroix has been awarded

Awards of Maurice Lacroix

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In September 2012, the famous watch brand Maurice Lacroix has been awarded two prestigious awards in the field of advertising for the company to launch a new watch Pontos S.

The first of these awards was presented at the beginning of September, and it was the 6th of Zurich in the category “Social Media” for the campaign The French Job in the Award Corporate Communications Award, which since 2005 is awarded annually for the development of professional and external communications.

Awards are given in four different categories. Note that the application for participation in the tender filed 42 of the applicant, of which only 26 were selected companies. Match decided by voting on the social network Facebook. The leader in the voting was brand Maurice Lacroix, typing 3000 votes.

Awards of Maurice Lacroix
Brand got the second prize on September 14 in Berlin, where the prizes were awarded European Digital Communication Award in the “Best Product Launch.” To encourage companies annually hosts an international competition in marketing and PR Digital Communication Awards.

This year the prize was awarded for 36 categories – online strategy, brand promotion on social media, corporate web sites, blogs, and web-logs, the best youtube-channels and accounts on Twitter. Among the nominees were brands such as Audi, Phillips, Siemens, Vodafone, Volkswagen, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola.

Watch company Maurice Lacroix was able to leave behind rivals such as the international cosmetics company Beiersdorf, Domino’s Pizza and German food manufacturer Rugenwalder Muhle.

The French Job project company Maurice Lacroix completed in June 2012, after two fantastic weeks. It is for these two weeks freediver Sebastian Murat tried to set a new world record for diving without scuba gear. For two weeks, four bloggers covered the event in English, German, Russian and Chinese.

Sebastian also accompanied videobloger, Expert WordPress, personal assistant, and the pool-boy. Were able to get into the team, only those who gathered in their favor the most votes on social networks.

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