The last hours of the twentieth century



For many Swiss companies have long been a tradition to celebrate different dates of release of limited edition watches. In our country, this practice has not happened. And now, for the first time in Russia in the last days in 2000 Chistopol Watch conquer Dr. released collection watches dedicated to the millennium.

All 2,000 copies of hours in this series – mechanical, self-winding, and a calendar. They are made in two versions, with the inscription “2000” and the hourglass on the dial. Gold-plated chassis complements lizard leather strap. In the best traditions of Swiss companies building, which was used in a series of collectible, never will be performed.

Clock mechanism looks almost indistinguishable from the series 2416V, but inside it – a lot of changes to improve the reliability and durability.

Of the details of gilded hair changed material, bridges are made by special technology, which provides higher accuracy. Before assembly, every detail has been checked thoroughly.

Mechanisms collectible series was collected in two phases. After assembly and adjustment of each instance was a two-week run-in order to identify possible defects and to give details of the mechanism of run. Then the mechanism was analyzed, washed again, assembled and tested. Assembled watches a special team consisting of experienced masters of the plant. At the plant say that the last hours of XX century can live and to the next, the fourth millennium.

No less interesting than the original watches, collectors will represent the accompanying documents. Each instance of a clock has a notarised certificate, which shows the date and time of their assembly. In addition, they included a mini-booklet with the history of the “East” and a personal letter from the director.

Applications for the collection “East” started coming as soon as the news of the release spread through the country, and most of the series have already found their owners. After all, the last hours, made in the past now, XX century – a wonderful gift item, the value of which will increase with the years.

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