On the azure coast of the recorded series of abductions of hours!



It is not the first time we write about that watch, and especially expensive and original branded products, are under scrutiny robbers, who often frustrating to watch the hands, causing anxiety and damage to the owners of the stolen watches.

At this time the theft occurred on the azure coast of France, in Cannes. Under the scope of Italian robbers were hours Richard Mille worth 550,000 euros that were stolen from the Russians wrist.

The incident, which became known, occurred as early as this weekend, when the owners of Richard Mille watches come home late at night while driving Bentley.

It is not yet clarified exactly how clocks were stolen from the victim’s wrists. We only know that burglars move in cars or scooters, altering serial numbers.

It should be noted that the Italian gang in mid-July had time to steal 10 luxury brand watches, worth up to one million euros.

Similar incidents were also recorded in 2007-2009. Police have detained at Cannes Italians steal hours.

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