New watches Occupy Your Wrist from Swatch.Last week in July 2012 was marked by the presentation of new products

New watches


Last week in July 2012 was marked by the presentation of new products from the Swiss watch company Swatch, has presented new wristwatches with an unusual name – Occupy Your Wrist.

The novelty in its design carries us back to 1983, to the origins of Swatch. It was then that the firm and has gained popularity thanks to a plastic watch. And if we talk about the design or technical design hours, the novelty, by and large, is nothing special, except for a rather “thin” the name, the bright green color, but red in the center of the inscription, which reads – «Occupy!».

The red sign in the center of the dial – as if a direct analogy and a subtle hint of a notorious global protest movement, which has been reflected in the year of massive protests in major cities across America and Europe.

We will not judge whether the issue Occupy Your Wrist sincere attempt to support people or fine calculation in order to attract buyers. We note only that you can buy watches from authorized company representatives, and the fact that the very members of the movement has not yet commented on the appearance of hours on the market.

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