New Tokyoflash – Watches Subway. Watchmaker Tokyoflash, known worldwide for its innovative products



Watchmaker Tokyoflash, known worldwide for its innovative products with a totally “crazy” design and readability difficult time, presents its new product – a new, unusual accessories – Watches Subway.

Perhaps the future owners of Subway can be very easy to be surprised, just asking, “what time”. However, fans of this Tokyoflash even this circumstance, I think, will not stop!

Company representatives say that the new product is fairly simple in its design, especially compared to other watches Tokyoflash.

Design inspired by Subway (as the name implies) has become … a subway map! The original design was proposed hours of British designer Peter Fletcher (Peter Fletcher).

Once the map of his home because he was impressed by the underground, he decided that I should ever use the outlines of some of its metro product.

In the “standby” hours, and though somewhat more complicated, introducing a screen filled with rows of random single digits. However, simply by pressing a button causes the screen to the “movement”: the right number instantly encircled around and between them there is an animated chain.

We can only ‘go’ in her eyes, and thus “read” time in the right order.
So, by and large, simple way, you can easily determine the time format: hours-minutes, hours, minutes, seconds and date.

Subway hours so far in several instances. However, if you decide to buy a watch, and that the new product worthy of mass production, you can vote for the concept of Peter Fletcher: earning a high rating, the new clock Subway will be released in mass production.

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