Hours Swallow X Clock ready to “fly” a swallow from Haoshi Design. How can you measure a boa constrictor?



How can you measure a boa constrictor? Most likely, the first thing you think of meters or centimeters, however, agree that a boa constrictor can be measured in monkeys and parrots, and even elephants.

Similarly, in an unusual way, try to measure the time. I, for example, comes to mind … but it does not matter that comes to my mind, the main thing that came to mind masters Taiwanese Haoshi Design.

And they came to mind, “measure” time in the bird, but not simple, as one of the most touching – swallow.

On the dial of the original articles were located twelve elegant and light swallows, which are made by hand from an artificial stone, replacing the traditional numbers. Thus, the seemingly ordinary wall clock, through the efforts of the masters Haoshi Design transformed into a stylish and original interior art object.

It should be noted that in his original design of new Swallow X Clock is different and functionality. Yet it is not just a decorative object, and the most that neither is real wall clocks.

Miniature swallows, located on the “canvas” dial looks simply amazing, and the authors of the project say that the image of the swallows came not by accident. It was her lightness and swiftness symbolize hope and happiness, which has no power over even the time.

Authors Swallow X Clock expressed the hope that the original wristwatch will give its owner good luck to the wings, well, or at worst, simply drop will bring comfort to your home decor.

Clocks Swallow X Clock manufactured in Taiwanese Haoshi Design Manual.

Buy Swallow X Clock hours will be in August 2012 for a suggested manufacturers price – $ 150.

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