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In 2006, Casio strategy, major changes occurred. Edifice has received the status line subbrenda, six months has expanded its range to 27 models and the beginning of the “game” to raise its price category.

In English the word Edifice (read – edifis, with the accent on first syllable) means “building” or “construction”.

Eighteen months ago, is the “construction” was stout athletic club with a facade in the fashionable style of hi-tech – the line out and versatile sports model, and the summer season in 2005 gave a further 14 new products. Today, “building” is growing twice as fast, the new “room” equipped with state of the art electronics and repeatedly increased their functionality.

“Construction” has raised their status, attracting the more discerning and wealthy visitors. Now it can be safely put in the center of the city – there is our Edifice will look dignified and appropriate.

Edifice – Casio watches and classic, and sports areas, in the family station wagon Casio. Due to its functionality and design of most models of this line is perfect for sports (especially line EFA), and will not cause a nuisance to the daily wear and accentuate the individuality of the owner with a business suit (line EF). Buyer Edifice – a young man or a grown man, ready to show that he was no stranger to active life, with equal pleasure and taste of the gym, sitting at the “round” table or lit at a party.


In the hierarchy of Casio Edifice zanimaetsrednee position between the “extreme” clock subbrenda G-Shock, designed for active or pro sports and occupational purely classical models of other series. As for the price, then the whole niche heroes of this paper is divided clock Lineage and some models of Series Beside.

However, this situation is beginning to change. The strategy takes into account the situation of subbrenda on the hourly market and increasing demands of buyers. People everywhere began to acquire more high-end models and spend more money on the clock.

At the same time, the choice of price range between expensive and inexpensive Casio Swiss brands is limited. Casio is going to take, and this promising niche, making the engine Edifice, which can be seen in successive operations of the company.

First, in the present subseries Edifice EFA – it began to go watch with a combined display. When the classic hand and face are connected to an electronic display, watches retain their usual shape, but get dozens of previously unavailable features – all the benefits of electronic devices.

Second, it focuses on the chronograph. The result – they made a sharp range of quantitative and qualitative leap forward. Edifice Chrono earned a reputation as a stylish and representative of accessories, which are “price-quality” and the design of products can leave behind the more famous watch manufacturers.

Thirdly, the number of new products launched in the production of this season, a record – it has exceeded the parameter of any other single line.

Developed effective, strictly ad-tech image. On the basis of released fresh POS-materials: the original display, posters, printed in a separate booklet and is buying advertising campaign. The motto of the new collection has the phrase “High technology for the modern man.” All these measures will not only produce the whole range of Edifice Casio, but also provide models of the line of steady growth in sales.

The latest watch EF-319D has all the basic qualities of products Edifice – the same sturdy steel housing and cover with a screw clamp, the same solid steel bracelet, the same mineral glass protects the dial. A selection of strong, prestigious and always relevant materials, plus a reliable mechanism can talk about Edifice as a product of high quality.


Watch is water resistant to 100 meters, show date and have a bright afterglow. The soft glow of switches and the clock ticks, caught in the darkness, there is a light-accumulating thanks to a special coating – neobritu, which provides long-term persistence in the dark even after short-term location in the world.

A distinctive feature of “tristodevyatnadtsatyh” – double time.

The second dial is made in the form of retrograde indicator that you will agree, is quite unusual for a production Casio.

Watch EF-514SP are a collection of analog chronographs Edifice. These classic models can not be called a decorative toy – their three additional dials provide an opportunity stopwatch time measurement for up to an hour and accuracy to the twentieth of a second. The device is easy to use – each button controls a separate dial. As another useful function may be mentioned the alarm.

We know that chronographs are nowadays not so much a necessary instrument, as the bearer of symbolic load – a sign of good taste and decent social status of the owner, a way to point out the particular importance of time in the life of the master clock. Therefore, Chronograph can not be done carelessly. Youth Edifice style combined with a quality finish case and bracelet, and the lack of sharp edges in mineral glass.

A relatively low price for the hours of this level makes them extremely attractive to buyers.

Model EF-514SP-1AVEF has a more aggressive design: striking rich black bezel and carbon dial, combined with white indexes and red arrows.

At the beginning of the article I mentioned about the merits of digital-analog combined hours. Often, the buyer gets a choice to own a classic device, with arrows and face, content with meager feature set, or worn on the arm of a powerful electronic assistant, suffering with the square numbers in the display.

Edifice, like several other subbrendam Casio, saved their clients from throwing and mental agony, producing a series of EFA.

watch this have coded arrows and risks, but the role does the dial screen. And there …

In the model of EFA-120D-1AVEF in one package fits avtopodstvetka, thermometer, alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer and automatic calendar. Clock can display the date and day of week, time of any of the time zones and if necessary, to remember the 50 periods. Like all previous models, EFA-120D can withstand pressure of 10 bar, is protected by steel casing and scratch-resistant mineral glass.

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