Barbie doll is advertised hours! What DID not come up with advertisers to draw attention to certain products?



What DID not come up with advertisers to draw attention to certain products? Sometimes These “Inventions” sometimes CAN laugh and get to think about something, and even sometimes move.

And really, how CAN not be moved when your favorite watches advertised wonderful little dolls barbie.

The idea of such an unusual approach belongs to the creatives Soglitter edition, who presented recently the original project, which is not sure to interest only fans of the famous watch brands involved in the project, BUT also collectors and connoisseurs of horology.

The project consists of the following: the most famous watch brands were filmed in a specially prepared photo shoot. Barbie dolls touted hours, each of which went to “Their” accessories.

So, readers so glitter were presented by the famous swiss watch brands such as Chopard, Vacheron Constantin, Harry Winston, Louis Moinet, Corum, Pilo & Co, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels. Dressed up in a beautiful Doll Dresses, by the way, borrowed from various collectors, to PARTICIPATE in the landmark set, were “persons” brands.

Each Doll Dress each WAS specially conceived to meet the advertised maximum read the brand of luxury.

So, for example, the “Face” of the set, promoting a Van Cleef & Watch Arpels Alhambra Vintage, Barbie Doll WAS a Wedge wood, from the collection of the famous collector. Doll depicting “the Company” with a chronometer with a pearl coating, diamond and gold bracelet.

The style of Leonardo da Vinci presented the second Barbie clock Vacheron Constantin Malte, also received a clock corresponding to the dress – the style of ladies’ toilet Rennesansa.

The third Barbie doll – Barbie Couture Angel is watch Corum Miss, notable unique golden bridge connecting the digit “6” and “12” with a golden arrow.

Watches Pilo & Co Corleone introduced the doll Barbie Happy.

The fifth model in the original project began watches Harry Winston, “person” who WAS Barbie, dressed in an elegant dress and REFiNED noir tone. Incidentally, this is a small BUT no less luxurious dress WAS especially made for fotoseta designers Mario Paglino and Gianni Rossi.

The thinnest watch in the world Piaget Altiplano Automatic Skeleton Ultra showed the sixth Barbie doll from the collection of Barbie Collector.

The Seventh Final “Face” of the original Barbie Doll fotoseta has Become an Elegant Madame Du Barbie, Who Presented the chronometer Louis Moinet treasures of the world-Australian opal, adorn the bodice of her Dresses.

These watches are famous for their exclusive tourbillon Mechanism .

Model the body is made of white gold, bezel encrusted with 56 diamonds, total weight is approximately 3.46 carats.

His outfit Barbie doll Madame Du Barbie, as well as received from the previous doll designer Gianni Rossi and Mario Paglino who specialize in creating special clothes for vintage dolls.

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