Clock Take Time – for a generation Instagram.Today, the older generation are increasingly sighs: “Oh, this is a new young generation …”.



Today, the older generation are increasingly sighs: “Oh, this is a new young generation …”. Reproach applies more to the fact that young people, all disparagingly refers to the values of the older generation. Is it in the broadest sense, I will not judge. I can only say a few words about the clock.

So, for example, do you think, how many teenagers today are wrist (and even more pocket) watch? But once the pocket watch was a real family treasure is passed down from generation to generation, from father to son.

Today, this ratio gradually come to naught, just out of date. After all, much easier to cope with the time display phone, smartphone and other similar products. In a word, technological progress takes the blame, and who else would be, at least, unwise.

But not in a world clock. Of course, there is no one is accusing. But the old traditions, too, do not forget.

A young French designer Mathieu Liannor “remembering” grandfather customs, gave the public the original accessory that goes from one side of its history to the “grandfather clock” on the other – to become an attractive product for today’s youth. Thus, paradoxically, there were hours of Take Time.

As noted by the designer Mathieu Liannor (Mathieu Lehanneur), for him it was interesting to work on the “transformation” of obsolete pocket watch in an interesting “thing” for the “generation Instagram», as he called it, and the designer.

New Take Time is a very simple, stylish accessory with its original “twist” that in the long run and should be young buyers.

“Raisin,” a novelty – a rubber “chain” with a noose at the end, which replaced the traditional straps bracelets, more than usual for hours.

This uncomplicated, but at the same time, sophisticated new suspension Take Time allows its owner to wear accessory with three or more ways: Take Time can be worn on the wrist, as a keychain on the bag, attach the watch to the bicycle handlebars – whichever you prefer! In the unfolded state is very similar to new medical stethoscope.

An original “chain” is made of rubber, or rather their silicone. Designers chose to “chains” variety, bright, candy colors that are sure to attract the attention of buyers, especially young people.

Among other things, we should note one more aspect related to the rubber “chain” hours: the choice of silicone, is dictated not only by its practicality, and aesthetic-commercial motives. It turns out that in recent years, various hours on bracelets, elastic bands (mostly Asians) are becoming increasingly popular in the global watch market.

As recognized by the designer, he is also very interesting, as will be seen by his work in the market. Take Time to buy a watch can be in the shops, collaborating with the designer Liannorom (Mathieu Lehanneur).

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