The time has come “off” time clock switch Wall Switch.As a man he tried, even in an age of high technology, he is unable to stop time.

clock switch


As a man he tried, even in an age of high technology, he is unable to stop time. Man has created a camera to capture the beautiful moments in my life, invented the video camera, with which he can experience the best moments of my life, but stop or “off” time he has not succeeded.

Maybe that’s why the prototype of a new gadget, which is a wrist watch, was the most common wall light switch, which has become a component of our everyday life.

New Watches Wall Switch Watch have superspace and easy to use interface that even a child can use the kindergarten age. Screen to watch Wall Switch Watch is a toggle switch, which “include” to see the time and “cut off” in order to completely forget about it.

However, when the switch is turned off, it displayed the current date without specifying a year. New operates on standard batteries, which will surely be to operate the gadget for a long time, since the novelty is not burdened with additional features.

New Wall Switch Watch is designed for an audience with bold and unconventional views of the ordinary, and shocking. After all, not everyone dares to wear a clock switch to the classic suit or an elegant evening dress.

Watch Wall Switch Watch comes in different colors and are available now. Buy a watch dial in the form of a wall switch can be a little less than $ 100.

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