The gyroscope and a model of luxury from Montblanc. The Swiss watch company Montblanc



The Swiss watch company Montblanc, known for its exclusive world models, is its new Montblanc Horloge de Marine Nautical Regulator.

The model was released in limited edition, available in two versions – 8 copies with chronograph function of gold and eight copies without the chronograph function of red gold.

New Montblanc Horloge de Marine Nautical Regulator combines a gyroscope and a luxury watch. A gyroscope is a device capable of responding to changes in orientation angles associated with the body relative to the inertial coordinate system.

The gyroscope is represented on a large scale, accounting for 56 cm (22 in) in diameter and 93 cm (36 in) in height. One copy of an exclusive new items weighing approximately 120 kg.

Gyro is made of solid copper, aluminum, granite and carbon fiber.

The main novelties of the dial shows three different time zones, and blue LEDs, reflected on the dial, ensures excellent legibility at any time.

Part of a fairly complex mechanism are: power reserve indicator, display GMT, LEDs Day / Night.

The unique model can be operated continuously for 360 hours, 15 days.

Novelty is equipped with manual winding mechanism manufacturing.

Calibre 13 is assembled on the rocks.

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