Seiko Spring Drive



In 1977, a young engineer of Seiko watches decided to test the belief that a watch manufacturer could make a clock “perennial”. He had the vision and courage to conceive of a traditional clock with a main spring, with the gap of a second per day compared with electronic models of Seiko. This brilliant engineer, Yoshikazu Akahane, was very determined.

It took him twenty years, during which several attempts that led to the creation of over 600 prototypes, but finally succeeded with his plan.

Requiring all new technologies in the production of watches, we were made to create them from scratch, day after day, year after year. In 1999, finally, the Seiko Spring Drive was born.

The planets are silent or make noise when they move in the sky? Of course, make no noise. The time is smooth and silent, and these essential characteristics of the time are totally shooting dall’Orologio Seiko Spring Drive, so as to be the only clock that transmits the time in the same manner in which it does nature.

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