Laurent Ferrier introduces a new caliber of Galet Micro-Rotor

Laurent Ferrier introduces a new caliber of Galet Micro-Rotor


After two years of hard work, through the development of entirely new material and application of innovative technologies Swiss watchmaker Laurent Ferrier in the current 2012 introduced its new caliber Galet Micro-Rotor. When you create a master-caliber companies have used the idea of “natural” anchor pull, which was first voiced by none other than himself A.-L. Breguet.

The company’s founder Laurent Ferrier and independent watchmaker Laurent Ferrier tried to bring innovative solutions in the design of the mechanism and to solve existing in today’s watchmaking world crown.

The problem for Laurent Ferrier was on her shoulders.

Laurent Ferrier introduces a new caliber of Galet Micro-Rotor

The new caliber Galet Micro-Rotor is a perfect example of fine handmade. This is the first caliber with a one-way micro-rotor with a dog-guard, automatically adjustable dual descent with a direct impact on the balance wheel. This modern interpretation of old concepts, new possibilities are opened.

The new silicon direct descent from the momentum – for a two swings of momentum – located directly on the balance sheet. The main rotor is made of 18K gold and decorated with an elegant guilloche, microrotor built with unidirectional winding. Off-center hours, it is installed on the main board between the axles and axle is mounted on two rubies.

Laurent Ferrier introduces a new caliber of Galet Micro-Rotor

This arrangement provides maximum stability and reduces the thickness of the mechanism itself, which here is only 4.35 mm. The mechanism consists of 186 components, has a 80-hour power reserve and the carrying frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Exceptional caliber of finish. Bridges decorated with a pattern-caliber Cotes de Geneve, finished perlazhem main board. The screw heads are polished, beveled spokes of a wheel, and the inner corners of the bridge balance finished with hand-engraving tool.

Buy watches at the new caliber Galet Micro-Rotor can have official representatives of Laurent Ferrier.

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