Gevril Group returned to the European market.Gevril Group, which develops watch brands Gevril, GV2

Gevril Group


Gevril Group, which develops watch brands Gevril, GV2, and others, returned to the European market. The company, founded by Jacques Gevrilem more than two centuries ago in Switzerland, after the acquisition of shares by Samuel Freedman expands its activities in America.

Gevril Group
After Gevril Group strengthened its position in the U.S. market, it was decided to bring her back to their historic homeland. The European representative office opened in Manchester, will lead it Dim Jacob (Jacob Dym) and Ben Rose (Ben Rose) – people who devote a lifetime horology. Their responsibilities include the establishment of a productive and close relationship with European customers.

The European office will also deal with distribution of product brands within the Gevril Group.

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