The company Century is a novelty – Mogul Alexandrite: luxury and refinement

The company Century is a novelty


All brand Century announced the release of a new model of Mogul Alexandrite Ref. 636.7AFN5P.58.CYK. Rock with unique properties chameleon, began to serve as a decoration for a luxurious new housing additions to the landmark line of Mogul.

Large alexandrite basking in the warm sun caresses of the sun, shining a flickering flame in the fire: it changes color in any light. In daylight, it gets a blue-green color, somewhere between the color of a blue lagoon and peppermint liqueur, while in artificial light, he gets a shade of amethyst, like a coquettish lady-changing outfit in the middle of the day.

In search of a new method of poetic expression in the roots of which lie the eternal feminine beauty, the company used a master jewel, transparency and excellence which creates a special magic. Perfect mastery of watchmaking possible to create a chromatic version of the new items. Large Alexandrite made in cutting roses and has 192 faces.

Watch Mogul Alexandrite Ref. 636.7AFN5P.58.CYK

Rare in its beauty model Mogul Alexandrite Ref. 636.7AFN5P.58.CYK was conceived as a magnificent piece of jewelry. In case of red or white gold fitted with a new face, adorned with 48 diamonds, but the “ears”, by which alligator strap attached to the body, have the form of a predator claws that seem to protect the precious stone. “Ears” also paved with 45 diamonds. The total weight of diamonds 0.323 carats.

Model Mogul Alexandrite Ref. 636.7AFN5P.58.CYK designed based on a quartz mechanism. The introduction of limited. Buy watches may have official representatives of Century.

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