NIKA: first place at the advertising festival “The idea!”. In the category “Excellence in the production of video advertising”



In the category “Excellence in the production of video advertising” in the category of “special effects, computer graphics, animation” commercial-known in the Russian watch market brand “NIKE . Watch the highest order, “won first place at the national advertising festival” Idea. ”

Founded in 1997, the Festival “Idea” is one of the best advertising festivals of the country’s leading annual gathering of advertisers in Russia and CIS. In 2012 the competition was attended by 1056 the work of the 49 cities, representing the types of advertising such as radio advertising, outdoor, print, online advertising, BTL, videos, etc.

Mastery of the authors of roller IECI, whose creativity has been designed and implemented the agency IQ marketing and production studio Fetish Film in conjunction with the creative team of Nika, was highly noted the jury, which is primarily the originality and quality of the advertising idea. The effect is magical transformation of the gold bars in the hours was striking feature movie, which looks like a trailer for a Hollywood film.

Promotional video of Nika meets international standards and the advertising industry was filmed with the assistance of an international team of professionals of the advertising market, including one of the best studios in the world of 3D-graphics – TRIZZ and director of world renown Raf Wathion (Brussels), known for his work for Infinity, Pontiac , Samsonite.

Earlier in the prestigious European Advertising Festival Cristal Europe commercial “NIKA.Chasy highest order” was also recorded.

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