New hours of Armin Racing Regulator, created by Timo Glock. During his visit to manufacture Armin Strom in Biel

New hours


During his visit to manufacture Armin Strom in Biel, Switzerl and avtobolida Marussia F1 driver Timo Glock has collected your personal chronograph – a watch Armin Racing Regulator, which he, as an official of the company will carry on throughout the season in 2012. At the end of the championship in 2012 model Armin Racing Regulator will be put up for auction.

Visiting the factory, of course, was very enjoyable and rewarding event for an athlete. Timo learned all the mysteries of clockwork precision and modern technology used in them, and sverhznachimosti each component contributes to the final result. Under the guidance of professional artists of Armin Strom experienced driver of the finished parts are assembled watch mechanism, which is personally experienced and has built it into the case of personal hours.

Watch Armin Racing Regulator

To create a bridge mechanism used race car engine block Timo Glock, who had been melted down, roll, pressed into sheets, from which steel stamped parts mechanism ASR07-MVR with a hand-wound, retrograde date and offset from the center display. It is this caliber, 24 stones collected and provides 46-hour power reserve, became the basis for a new model of Armin Racing Regulator.

The body model with a diameter 43.60 mm and 14.70 mm thick made of titanium and coated with PVD-coated matte black. The body is equipped on both sides of sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The case is waterproof to 50 meters.

Time is indexed by the central arrow in stainless steel. The dial is made in three colors team Marussia F1: black, red and white.

Novelty comes in the high-tech rubber strap with titanium buckle with a PVD-coated.

You can buy watches from authorized company representatives Armin Strom.

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