New from Schaumburg – Watch MooN Landscape.The new model watches MooN Landscape



The new model watches MooN Landscape, presented by the German company Schaumburg, is a fine example of measuring time, sophisticated display of moon phases.

The round building new 43 mm from the front side is protected by sapphire glass, which is set as the screwed caseback.

Dial model is made of handcrafted silver. Relief of impeccable dark-colored dial mimics the surface of the moon. Time is indexed on the dial with central skeletonirovannyh hour and minute hands in black.

However, the black arrows are not conducive to easy reading of data from the same dial tone. At the periphery of the dial is the scale of the date, the testimony shows that a special central snake pointer, which, incidentally, is also black. Unusual in its form made light of the moon phases: a large image of the Moon is placed in a golden circular aperture at 12 o’clock position. Indicator of lunar phases is so precise that the mechanism should be adjusted only once in 122.5 years.

Model MooN Landscape is designed based on an automatic mechanism SW-11 with a thickness of 3.6 mm. A unique gauge is the owner of the certificate of an independent institute Chronofiable: he was thoroughly tested, including Shockproof, anti-magnetic, as well as complicated module display moon phases, designed by Martin Braun. The mechanism rodirovan, decorated with Cotes de Geneve pattern and trimmed with pearl trim Perlage.

The novelty comes on a leather strap in black and equipped with a stainless steel buckle.

Buy a model can have MooN Landscape of Schaumburg officials at a price of 5650 euros.

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