Lorenz Watches Collection Iconograph.An important recognition was awarded to Werner Aisslinger

Lorenz Watches


An important recognition was awarded to Werner Aisslinger, internationally renowned designer, in 2012, is one of the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award for best designer.

Source of pride for Lorenz watches that thanks to the Collection Watches Iconograph received the award for thirty jurors nominated for the occasion.

The innovative model has received an honorable mention because of its details, an award comparable to an Oscar for cinematography, which will have the honor to host guests at the 1000 World Industry, the Company and the Designer and Media on 2 July, at the Opera House in Essen for the delivery and the celebration of the winners.

High level of quality of works presented as stated by Professor Peter Zac, founder of the Red Dot Award, the products have been judged and subjected to a ‘careful and prudent selection of the jury.

The winners have not only demonstrated their extraordinary creativity, but have elevated the design of innovative products. Because our award received will increase their potential for success in the market.

Watch Lorenz, addressing Aissingler to make this particular model that has given life to the collection Iconograph Lorenz, has confirmed its attention to design, with the intent to draw a clock classic, essential, current through the choice of materials and color.

In fact the design is based on elements Iconograph updated classics from the roundness of stainless steel with diameter 43 mm, plain or with black IP treatment or blue, gloss finish, closed bottom plate pressure and mineral glass.

The enamel dial is presented on an aluminum hollow rectangular windows with twelve o’clock, represented in Arabic numerals. The balls are different, the skeleton of hours, flush the minute, both enamel and chrome.

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