Hours Moonmachine – Stepan Sarpanevy moon clock MB & F. Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva independent, founder Sarpaneva



Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva independent, founder Sarpaneva , with the assistance of watchmaking brand MB & F in 2012 introduced a new model MOONMACHINE («Moon Machine”). Novelty is the first time the artistic interpretation of the car brand MB & F.

The basis of new items were taken specially designed model Horological Machine № 3 Frog (Hourly car number 3 “Frog”), which Stepan Sarpaneva gave his trademark moon indicator of the moon with a face framed by the most luminous stars in the Northern Hemisphere.

In the work of the independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpanevy stand out three themes: the famous “moon face”, the constellation of the Northern Hemisphere, and, of course, legendary gear housing Korona, which received its name from the shape of the corona, which forms a plasma atmosphere of the Sun. It is these features appear in the new product MOONMACHINE.

Two of the lunar face, placed in a window in the form of Korona, is a moon-phase indicator, and the rotor model – it is a disc made of steel and gold 916-carat carved with laser stars and constellations that can be seen in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere. Multi-layered rotor is in the background of finished hand-moon parties.

Starry sky hiding from the curious gaze rotor mechanism, and its vibrations set in motion the laser-cut stars. The location of stars is also not accidental: they form the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major, also known as the Big Bucket, or plow, and the seven brightest stars of Ursa Minor, also known as Small Bucket, a constellation that includes the North Star.

New MOONMACHINE designed based on a three-dimensional mechanism developed by Jean-Marc Viderrehtom / Agenhor. The mechanism consists of 36 rubies of 319 components and performs 28,800 vibrations per hour. Indications Hours and minutes are passed through the ceramic ball bearings for rotating hemispheres.

The first hemisphere of aluminum, makes a revolution in 12 hours, is an indicator of an hour on the second hemisphere is undergoing a revolution in 60 minutes, the indicator is located minutes. Phases of the Moon is indexed by two lunar persons in the window in the form of Korona.

Model MOONMACHINE released three limited series of 18 specimens each: a black titanium case with moon faces in white gold on a dark blue sky in titanium with moon faces in white gold on a background of blue sky, as well as in the case of pink gold persons with moon rose gold against the sky anthracite.

The rear cover displays both hemispheres and are protected by sapphire glass with a two-sided anti-reflective coating.

New MOONMACHINE comes on the strap in crocodile leather black with folding clasp in titanium and gold 750-th sample.

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