Hip Hop Watches Glowing in the Dark.Continues the relentless assertion of watches Hip-Hop

Hip Hop Watches


Continues the relentless assertion of watches Hip-Hop, known to be born as a variant colorful and carefree in the World Watch, had distorted the patterns in the mid-80s when their appearance was an unexpected success by creating a status symbol.

In 2010 after 25 years, the Binda Group has decided to remind the public that historic proposing the same clocks, identical
to their successful predecessors, with a shade richer.

Needless to say that it was another surprising result, many young people no longer have relived through the colorful watches the atmosphere of the legendary 80s, conveying enthusiasm and surprise their children.

Now, two years after this unexpected revival, attempting to chart new paths, looking for innovative solutions.

One of these is the Clock Hip Hop Glowing in the Dark , six different models ranging from 32 mm color with case, all luminescent and two at 40 mm from yellow and blue.

A transparent silicone strap, the scent of talcum, animated by a quartz movement that goes Myota 2035 added a detail that does not may not notice.

During the night, in the watches Hip Hop Glowing in the Dark vision of hours no longer poses a problem because the luminescence allow a vision per day.

In the dark, in the warm summer evenings the pulse will be easily visible because the effect procured by Hip-Hop Glowing in the Dark will not pass unnoticed.

The strap, made of soft silicone, will be adaptable to each wrist, being sized to comfortably and will be replaced by another color when it is considered appropriate. There will certainly be spoiled in the choice.

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