Grand Seiko Watches.The purpose that inspired the creators of ‘Grand Seiko watch



The purpose that inspired the creators of ‘Grand Seiko watch nearly half a century ago was anything but modest. They were determined to create nothing less than the best luxury watch in the world. So, before creating the clock, have created standards that would reach.

The Grand Seiko Clock standards of accuracy and reliability were the highest ever obtained either from a Seiko watch, both internationally and for any trial. The skills and technologies required to achieve the objective must still be worked out, Seiko Watches and developed them.

After years of searching, the dream came true with the launch in December of 1960, the first Grand Seiko Watches.

Today, just as then, the Grand Seiko is focused on the pure essence of watchmaking. The Grand Seiko watch is definitely more functional for all lovers of horology class. Every single Grand Seiko watch is accurate, reliable, intelligible and comfortable to wear. The Grand Seiko is everything a luxury watch can be, without unnecessary frills or decorations. Only pure, simple and basic, with a high quality pure art.

For fifty years, the history of Grand Seiko has been the story of the dedication of a team to the constant improvement of the idea of creating an ideal clock. Times change and technology, Seiko has developed rapidly, while the spirit and essence of the Grand Seiko were the same. For fifty years, the Grand Seiko has always remained faithful to the idea of the fund. And so will the next fifty years. And beyond.

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