Exclusive models from Hamilton Ventura for the heroes of the new film “Men in Black”. The legendary watchmaker Hamilton , known in the watch market with exclusive models

Exclusive models


The legendary watchmaker Hamilton , known in the watch market with exclusive models, has released a new model specifically for the special agents Ventura fiction blockbuster “Men in Black 3» (Men In Black 3). This is a continuation of the film “Men in Black 2.” The main characters of a Hollywood movie – Jay agents (Agent J) and Kay (Agent K) re-protect humanity from the alien, by measuring the time for exclusive brands Ventura.

In the story, which is based on the comic Lowell Cunningham (Lowell Cunningham), Agent Jay travels back in time to save a life partner and to establish the causes of disorder in the world. Here, his faithful friend is a model of the Ventura Hamilton.

Spectacular film World Premiere will take place May 25, 2012, created the legendary producers Stovenom Spilbergom (Steven Spielberg) and G Mack Brown (G. Mac Brown). In the keyframes on the wrists of the characters played by Will Smith (Will Smith) and Tommy Lee Jones (Tommy Lee Jones), you can easily examine the model and the Ventura XXL Ventura Medium from Hamilton.

Exclusive models
Presented in the first two parts of the movie “Men in Black” and “Men in Black 2” model of the line Ventura got a different, more original look. The choice of special agents stopped on the version of Ventura XXL, created for the greatest feats.

Novelty is equipped with automatic movement, water resistant to 50 meters. The body in the form of a triangle made of steel. This form is innovative, which complements the decorative grille high-tech on the dial. Together they create a futuristic mood. Complements the model of the rubber strap.

Another model from the movie – Ventura Medium is presented in the case of 38 mm and is equipped with a quartz movement. Black face of this new label clearly displays the steel, perfectly complementing monochrome black dial and the original triangular steel frame.

Buy watches from Hamilton Ventura may have official representatives of the brand.

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