Baume & Mercier – summer mood from the time of the company.For how long the company Baume & Mercier twice a year to the straps

Baume & Mercier


For how long the company Baume & Mercier twice a year to the straps for watches in the collection Linea: for spring / summer and autumn / winter.

Each time the master of his fans like arming brand new accessories that can accompany them, as during the business day, and at the time solemn elegance.

At this time the company presented three new strap, slightly overestimating their names. Thus, three-strap provided in new two-tone scale, made of genuine leather and have received from their creators and romantic sounding names: Sky Dawn – Dawn Sky, Ocean Foam – Ocean Foam and Amber Sunset – The Amber sunset. Agree, for the straps are too high-flown name: straps – it’s just the straps. Or for someone – something more…

However – to the point. Introduce their features.

Strap Sky Dawn (Dawn of Heaven) – purple on the outside, with rich pink lining of genuine calfskin inside. Pink lining if “breaks” on the purple surface in the form of pink stitches that are supposed to resemble the warm colors of dawn.

Strap Ocean Foam (Foam Ocean) is made of a white calf leather with sky-blue lining of soft calf leather and blue stitching on the outer surface, which is likely, and judging by the title, reminiscent of the ocean and the sea foam of its waves, rolled on shore.

And the strap Amber Sunset (Sunset Amber) – sand-colored thong with light orange with a soft lining, reminiscent of sunsets.

Well, they see a happy owner of straps instead of the usual stitches on his strap rays of sunset and the foam of ocean waves – the case of fantasy and imagination. Well, if not poetry and pathos, the Baume & Mercier offers an excellent choice for a variety of owners of 27-millimeter watch Linea.

In the first place – a diversity that you can give your accessory by changing the color strap. It is – it is logical. Second – this is a special system that allows you to change the straps, as the company said, almost on the fly. I think this fact will prefer more contemporary women living and dynamic multi-faceted life.

Well, Well, choose a watch and strap on the heart, ordinary or “sunset”, and our portal continues to follow the novelties watch market.

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