Auction Christie’s – parade of masterpieces of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva

Auction Christie's

model of Patek Philippe (Ref. 2523)


May 14, 2012 will be the famous Christie’s auction in the category of Important Watches, which will feature 414 lots. With the hammer will best examples of antique, vintage and contemporary wrist watches and pocket. The initial amount of lots is 16 million Swiss francs.

“Star,” a masterpiece of the auction will be a rare instance of two gold crown, dial and world time map with the image of North America, Patek Philippe Ref. 2523, released in 1955. The initial price of the lot – 1,600,000-2,600,000 francs.

Auction Christie's

model of Patek Philippe (Ref. 605)

In the world there are few watches that embody the perfect symbiosis of aesthetic design, and flawless technical performance as a model of Patek Philippe Ref. In 2523. The last time the model was presented to the public in 1989, when she was chosen to illustrate the cover of a thematic catalog of The Art of Patek Philippe.

The second lot was the model of the Patek Philippe Ref. 605 1950 model year, released in very limited quantities. It is estimated that all the twelve copies of this model with the case of yellow gold, two models of pink gold and a model of white gold, is now exhibited in the prestigious company Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. The initial price of the lot: 200,000-400,000 Swiss francs.

Auction Christie's

Model La Vie En Rose (Ref. 2499)

Some models from Patek Philippe is so rare that they can be treated separately as a separate event. Model La Vie En Rose Ref. 2499 in pink gold case is represented by the owner in its original form. The initial price of the lot: 1 ,200,000-1, 800,000 Swiss francs.

Another model of rare beauty Patek Philippe Ref. 2597 1961 model year, the initial price is 350,000-550,000 Swiss francs. The model was created with the function display different time zones and can be considered a “witness” era, when society has become an active travel and move around all the continents. However, the modification did not find a proper response from the consumer and was withdrawn from production.

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