2010 Winter Olympics for the available business hours. We all love to watch with a five-digit price tags in dollars.

business hours


We all love to watch with a five-digit price tags in dollars. She likes to watch with a six-figure price tags. We hang on your desktop Desktop clock for a million dollars, and fell asleep, dreaming about them. We buy, in most cases, the clock in the four-digit price range.

Offered Winter Olympics in 2010 for business class hours for a reasonable price. Opening up to a thousand dollars will not touch it.

There, too, can turn up a couple of models that I personally am not ashamed to wear on your wrist, going even to Inhorgenta Europe.

Maybe some other time to discuss this starting price range for beginners watch connoisseurs. Above two thousand dollars is not too useful – let’s talk about the clock, the acquisition of which is made from the salary or exceptional income and not pay annual bonuses or net financial gain. So, we take as members of the Winter Olympics representatives of the price range of 1 to 2 thousand dollars the United States. This price range is very wide and offers plenty tolerable.

However, for the true connoisseur, as they say, with all the richness of choice alternatives are not so much.

In order to somehow organize our trip to a rather wild and quite full of (strangers, crooks and passers-by, alas, enough) price range, let’s define some of the qualitative criteria that will determine the candidates for the medal. First, Nationality: Swiss or German. The preference, of course, is given to indigenous peoples with a long pedigree, a Swiss or German family tree and ancient traditions. The preference, of course, is given to indigenous peoples with a long pedigree, a Swiss or German family tree and ancient traditions.

However, the young brand Swiss Made or Made in Germany will also provide an opportunity to climb the podium. Second, within the tick should be a mechanism of its own production. Let constructed on the basis of common ETA or something similar, but modified his own factory masters. In this budget, such requirements are already quite legitimate. Third. No plastic in the finish, finish, details of the frames and accessories – it’s not serious. The exception will leave for the Swatch – they, perhaps, suffered it right!

business hours
Fourth, give a sapphire lens, a cooling stainless steel leather strap!

Watches for business people need to be strict, or at least pass on the dress code. Olympics will take place in the circle for the hours of business people who are almost universal for clothes, but look best with a business suit. And finally, a reservation that considered collectible vintage watch market proposals or who have already seen life on the other wrist, we do not will. Just shop and catalog offers. In the extreme case, BNIB – has had a host, but brand new and in box with all papers.

Yeah, the list of criteria for the Olympic went pretty hefty – but what else? As they say, will be judged severely and angrily. Possible comments suggest themselves only on the caliber. Comment on behalf of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games: in this price range is full of decent caliber with the serial clock – must somehow stand out from the midst of all this ETA! Hours should be allocated not only brand and finish, but the technique of mechanical motion. Well start. Let’s not hold serials of passion and intrigue opaque, and just select favorites.

We’d love to lit all stages, starting with the qualifying tournaments. But the format and scope of our report does not allow such a large-format broadcasting. So go to the very climax – awarding of medals.

Zenith Class Elite – one of the great models of the brand category Swiss Made, famous for its long history. Zenith tradition for this class hours – a real rarity! It is true that free cheese only in a mousetrap and brand presence in this price range have their own reasons.

Infamous series of misfortunes befell the manufactory under the direction of Terry Nataf – a time-table Zenith flooded the market with a vague podelushki frappiruyuschim design. Tradition factory melts before your eyes as the presentation of “new products” from Mr. Nataf. Elite – one of the few models, brands, has successfully gone through all this horror.

business hours
Watches are elegant and very elegant – white dial looks good with a male mecheobraznymi arrows stylish hour markers and large numbers even hours. Hours are available in versions with black or silver indicators. Bore is very strict – 37 mm at a height of only 7 mm!

The steel frame topped with perfectly round pretty solid business hours of the crown. Aperture of the date of the original trapezoidal rather sit on a traditional three-hour mark. In the nine-hour mark a nice complexity – counter small second hand, of course, entirely in the tone of the overall design of the dial. Finishes nice song black leather strap with double Quilting in tone and classic clasp. Hours go by their own caliber 650. The concept is simple! Let’s give them the same hour of the winter of our bronze Olympics 2010!

The next program number – Baume & Mercier Classima Executives ! For me personally, the design of this watch defines everything. Clock looks just great! Stylish black dial is set off with steel arrows, hour and minute marks. Arrows impeccable classical form, and elongated stylish hour markers alternate numeric symbols for the Roman one in three hours. Above them, in some minute intermediate divisions, Arabic five-minute.

The aperture of the date without any borders and strictly dial tone on the three-hour mark. right place at the twelve-hour mark proudly emblazoned logo, Baume & Mercier , beneath the same brand name manufactures, and even slightly below, neither more nor less than the name of the Canton of Geneva. And this, too, in my opinion, it’s nice Classima distinguishes from other competitors in the class. Geneva is Geneva! At the bottom of the hour designated «Automatic», which as you probably guessed, appeals to the automatic factory hours. Swiss Made is on the right place – around the six-hour mark.

Oh, how confident the application for Olympic gold in 2010! Strap is perfect – for the steel lugs rim diameter of 42mm confident clings to textured brown leather strap. I do not know about you, but I could overshadow a thong strap except that spinal tuber alligator – for the money, he certainly is not available. In any case, compared with a smooth black, textured leather out of the competition! So, look for five-plus! And what’s inside! But the mechanism of Baume & Mercier, alas, let us down!

business hours
Representatives of the factory prefer to do this deliberately silent, refusing to comment on any issues. In a press release the company you are also unlikely to find information on the running gear. Inside the ticking clock fairly common for this class caliber ETA 2824-2. Well there is nothing to be ashamed of this caliber, however, boast of nothing, too. Hours of such impeccable design, the left-hander from the heart of the watch industry, the Canton of Geneva, would give an in-house.

Alas – for this model except that the second place on our Olympic podium! What a pity – all silver!

We now turn to a gold medalist – Nomos Club Automat . Maybe the name of the Nomos of German origin, and pales in comparison to the venerable brand Baume & Mercier and Zenith. And the «Made in Germany» in the modern era in the order of hours behind the «Swiss Made»! However, in the piggy bank Nomos of the family tree there is only one word that makes the heart of any collector and connoisseur of the art of watchmaking beat faster.

The city’s name, without specifying which, under the name brand, you can hardly find a name which Nomos Glashutte ! And that says it all!

Manufacture builds its roots in the centuries-old glorious past of the world-famous watch city Glashutte.

But since the fall of the Berlin Wall Glashutte truly reborn. Thus, the bit map of the Swiss name Glashutte. As with the appearance of a gold medalist? Nice design white dial with black hour markers, and even digital notation, interspersed with red digital … “five-minute” and the middle drawing of a red coating on the hour and minute hands! Very safe for business hours, but it does not look mauvais ton, and does not go beyond today’s business dress code. With such a clock on the wrist, you are sure you will not have the feeling that you are wearing a “grandfather” props.

The brand name under a twelve-label Nomos covered Glashutte – does not undermine. Instead of a six-hour mark – optional date aperture white tone dial without the “modernity”. Just above – small counter issued a second hand. Very cute ears of smooth steel. All modern, but, again, 100 percent in the dress code. The diameter of 40 mm at 10 mm height – no reproach!

Now priotkroem back cover. By the way, there is a complete Nomos Club Automat with a transparent lid, opening us to the splendor of the mechanism. Alas – they are above the price bracket of two thousand dollars. False start! And in the price range of our winter time 2010 Olympic Games there is a steel rear cover is decorated in the center of additional mention of the name brand with the same Glashutte. And in a circle – the essential elements of the model number of Club Automat.

Opening a cover, we see a great caliber Epsilon own design. The dimensions of diameter and did conquer the heart of a connoisseur of the mechanical stroke – 31 mm in height of some 4.3 mm!

As a result – even with a small margin, but the Olympic gold medal in 2010 for the clock “to 2 thousand” given Nomos Club Automat. A nice modern design and good business in-house development mechanism – bravo! And fans of pedigrees and other regalia, prochaschih in favor of a representative or a dilapidated factory Zenith stinted on its own mechanism for Baume & Mercier, who gave my voice and my heart, I remind you only two names – Glashutte Original and Lange & Sohne.

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